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Q: How do I know which option to click?

A: If you visited a UW Neighborhood Clinic, a clinic at Northwest Hospital, or a clinic at Valley then your records will be under Epic MyChart. Please note: A clinic may not be in a stand-alone building, but part of a hospital like UW Medical Center or Harborview. In these cases the records are still under Epic MyChart. If you stayed in the hospital overnight, then your records would be in the right-hand list of hospital options. In some cases if a clinic or center is operated by a hospital like UW Medical Center, then your records may be under the hospital portal. You can always ask at the clinic front desk if you are unsure.

Q: Why don't I see UW Medical Center and Harborview?

A: The portal for patients that stayed overnight at UW Medical Center or Harborview will be launched Summer 2014.

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